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Hugh’s Credentialing Digest — Negligent Credentialing Lawsuits

Negligent credentialing litigation is no laughing matter. Defense costs mount up quickly and settlements to avoid a costly trial are frequent. Unfortunately, many hospital executives and the majority of physician leaders remain relatively uninformed about this type of litigation. While it is likely that they have heard of a few of the cases resulting in…

Hugh’s Digest – Taming MSP and Administration Tangles

by Hugh Greeley The mission continues. I will address a number of the inefficient, outmoded, frustrating and unnecessary activities that have subtly crept into the practices of many medical staffs and medical staff services departments. Hospital leadership, including the vice president of medical affairs (VPMA), medical staff services professionals (MSPs), human resources (HR) director, and…

Hugh’s Credentialing Digest – Credentials Committee Organization and Management

Recently, while watching a credentials committee in action, I was struck by the lack of organization and committee management evident in the room. Below are a few of my observations: • The chair arrived late and immediately began a conversation with another member about a patient. • Of the eight appointed members, only four were…

Hugh’s Credentialing Digest—Embracing Change, Produced by Hugh Greeley

Inspiring Physicians to Embrace the Change that Defines Success in Health Care is the topic for Hugh’s Credentialing Digest, Produced by Hugh Greeley “The greatest barrier to a paradigm shift is the reality and incredible inertia of paradigm paralysis. A paradigm paralysis can be defined as the inability or refusal to see beyond current models…

Medical Staff Bylaws – Prevention is the Cure

Hugh’s Credentialing Digest – Medical Staff Tips Over past decades, often medical staffs have advanced their procedures and regulations only at the prodding of accreditation agencies or when required by law to do so. Consider the long-forgotten medical staff controversy about adding a clause to the bylaws eliminating discrimination based upon race, religion, creed, color…

Be Nice or Be Gone

“Be nice or be gone!” This is a phrase that could be used on a poster placed in the surgeon’s lounge or medical staff office, or simply and anonymously sent to that one physician on your staff who really “just doesn’t get it.” Prevention is the very best of all actions a medical staff can…