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February 15, 2019

Continuous Monitoring Gap – Gap 4 of the 5 Critical Gaps in Health Care Compliance.

Better outcomes are derived from quality providers. And better outcomes affect your bottom line in many ways: patient satisfaction, higher reimbursement rates, reputational supremacy and physician attraction/retention. Maintaining a stable of quality providers, staff and assuring you are contracting with reputable suppliers of goods and services requires continuous monitoring of all staff, licensed and unlicensed as well as partners, investors, contingent workers, agents and contractors.

Rigorous continuous monitoring checks against everything from license status, state hopping, criminal activity, unpaid loans, abuse and fraud. With Verisys’ enterprise-wide platform, CheckMedic®, each monitored individual and entity is issued a MedPass®, a secure, portable, comprehensive profile complete with pre-set notifications of license expiration, educational requirements and alerts regarding infractions.

Knowing with absolute assurance day to day that your entire staff and all associates are compliant to Federal and state laws as well as your best-practice guidelines keeps not only your patients safe, but the entire workforce will have the assurance of working alongside a top quality team.

Focus on the patient experience is paramount. A well designed screening, verification and continuous monitoring program for your entire workforce, affiliates and vendors protects an organization by minimizing risk, improving patient safety and ultimately creates a competitive advantage.

As with initial screening, the continuous monitoring process should utilize the highest quality and most current data on a continuous basis. For most hospitals, health systems, practice groups, acute care facilities and surgical centers, this is a daunting task with seemingly small payoff compared to the amount of effort—until there is a fine, civil monetary penalty or very public lawsuit regarding patient negligence or fraud.

Verisys was created 25 years ago to address this very issue. With its robust data set of more than eight million records cumulative since 1992, FACIS® grows by 75,000 records a month. Through technology, Verisys systematically gathers, verifies and aggregates data daily from some 5,000 primary sources and delivers results in near real time via API or SaaS based platforms.  

Implementing CheckMedic® as the enterprise-wide SaaS platform and issuing a MedPass® to the individuals and entities you are monitoring gives secure, permissive access to any department in your organization. Data can be viewed visually on a dashboard, through data reports or via each MedPass® as a comprehensive, individual digital profile that auto populates with the most current data. Each record is identity matched with 99.99 percent accuracy to the proper individual or entity.

This automated approach that assures full compliance is the answer to the Continuous Monitoring Gap.

Gap 4 of “Achieving Transparency Through Closing 5 Critical Gaps in Credentialing”, is brought to you by Verisys Corporation, creator of the most powerful health care data platform delivered by cutting-edge technology providing full transparency that protects your reputation and your patients.

The e-book, “Closing the 5 Critical Gaps: A Guide to Understanding the Issues and Using Data Technology to Improve Provider Transparency to Protect Patients and Reduce Risk” is available to download here.

As an NCQA Certified and URAC Accredited Credentials Verification Organization, Verisys manages all data reports as a Consumer Reporting Agency abiding by federal law set forth in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Verisys stores and exchanges data from a Tier 3+ secure environment, assures 99.99% identity resolution accuracy 99.99% of the time and assures its promises with full indemnification.

Verisys earned and sustains compliance with two international quality standards, ISO 9001:2015, certified for quality of credentialing software and background screening; and, ISO 27001, certified for highest standards of information security and data protection.

The sum of these certifications and accreditations ensures that promises made are promises kept to the world’s highest standards.

Contact us for a demo of FACIS®, and discuss a staged rollout of screening, verifying and monitoring your entire workforce through CheckMedic® and the MedPass®.