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This is Michael Hackett, and not only is he a Background Verification Specialist, but he’s also a mentor for our ReferencePro team! Forget about Rotten Tomatoes, this awesome guy has a degree in film studies!  He’s the man to go to for advice on your next Netflix binge. He is currently studying Data Analytics, but…

Part 2: Compliance by the Data – Identifying Risk Gaps

Areas of Risk Can be Addressed Systematically In order to remain in compliance, health care organizations must be diligent in creating and sustaining transparency through screening, verification, and continuous monitoring of every staff member—from the board and C-Suite, to licensed providers, volunteers, and everyone in between including contractors, vendors, investors, and supplier entities. Identifying Data…

Part 1: Compliance by the Data – Three Areas of Focus

Covering the Bases of Federal and State Laws, Standards Setting Organizations, and Best Practices Health care organizations typically base compliance on practices that ensure patient safety, privacy, and quality of care. In addition to those primary factors, organizations must consider billing practices that avoid fraud, waste and abuse. To achieve compliance goals the entire organization…

Sonya Lybarger Employee Spotlight

This is Sonya Lybarger and she’s a Content Supervisor. She oversees the processors on our Content team and helps to make sure the information we collect is accurate. In Sonya’s spare time, she loves to hike for hours and she’s definitely our very own Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild). Combine her love of the outdoors…

Adam Ansari Employee Spotlight

This is Adam Ansari. We aren’t exactly sure what he does at Verisys, but he just keeps showing up to play ping-pong and to dominate at Super Smash Bros. Rumor has it he’s a Business Process Analyst. This means he adds fuel to the “Verisys Engine” by loading and processing future and current client’s populations…

Michelle Sparks Employee Spotlight

This is Michelle Sparks. She is that purple glue stick that holds Verisys together by fueling our entire staff with snacks, supplies, support, fun-loving pranks and endless laughs with her amazing sense of humor. Her official title is HR Facilities Coordinator, but everyone refers to her as “The Den Mother” because of her fun, caring…

Will Cross Employee Spotlight

This is Will Cross and he’s a Content Automation Developer. He creates and maintains our V-bots which collect data from online sources to add to our system. He loves to play video games, with his favorites being the Pokemon games. In other words, he’s basically the very best–the best there ever was. If he had…

Blake Morris Employee Spotlight

This is Blake Morris. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Blake became a Verisys Product Owner. Today, Blake collaborates with our clients and Dev Team to manage and prioritize projects. You can find Jedi Blake using the force with his charity Star Wars costuming groups (501st Legion and Rebel Legion) as…

Ali Gordon Employee Spotlight

This is Ali Gordon and she is a Content Lead at Verisys Corporation. This means she double checks the content coming in and makes sure that it’s all up-to-date. This Verisys Veteran has been with us for 6 years in May. However, when March pops around, you won’t find Ali in Utah. She travels out…

Lena Frederick Employee Spotlight

This is Lena Frederick. Not only is she a production analyst and a mentor at Verisys Corporation, but she is also someone who brightens everyone’s day. She enjoys helping people every chance she gets. We’re convinced that she’s one of the nicest people in the world because she loves to volunteer in her free time….