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Valuing Verifications — Why Commoditizing Verifications Poses Grave Risk

by Craig Caddell I have watched the retail pricing of verifications and other screening services race to the bottom. Margins in our industry range from thin to non-existent. Some very high-volume screening firms have moved production to wherever the lowest cost of labor can be found (India, the Philippines, Mexico, etc.). In the process, these…

Health Care Spending Factors for 2016

In a report by PWC, three factors are expected to decrease health care spending and two factors are expected to increase spending in the health care sector.   The three factors that are expected to decrease spending are, the Affordable Health Care’s “Cadillac Tax”, Virtual Care and New Health Advisers.   “Cadillac Tax” Set to…

Hugh Greeley on Proctors, Their Role and Value

I have recently received a number of questions concerning “proctors,” their relationship to the medical staff, qualification, privileges and compensation. Before we delve into these questions, let’s take a look at just what “proctoring” means. According to most dictionaries, proctoring, to proctor and (the noun) proctor generally relate to “a person appointed to keep watch…