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Will Cross Employee Spotlight

This is Will Cross and he’s a Content Automation Developer. He creates and maintains our V-bots which collect data from online sources to add to our system. He loves to play video games, with his favorites being the Pokemon games. In other words, he’s basically the very best–the best there ever was. If he had…

Blake Morris Employee Spotlight

This is Blake Morris. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Blake became a Verisys Product Owner. Today, Blake collaborates with our clients and Dev Team to manage and prioritize projects. You can find Jedi Blake using the force with his charity Star Wars costuming groups (501st Legion and Rebel Legion) as…

Ali Gordon Employee Spotlight

This is Ali Gordon and she is a Content Lead at Verisys Corporation. This means she double checks the content coming in and makes sure that it’s all up-to-date. This Verisys Veteran has been with us for 6 years in May. However, when March pops around, you won’t find Ali in Utah. She travels out…

Lena Frederick Employee Spotlight

This is Lena Frederick. Not only is she a production analyst and a mentor at Verisys Corporation, but she is also someone who brightens everyone’s day. She enjoys helping people every chance she gets. We’re convinced that she’s one of the nicest people in the world because she loves to volunteer in her free time….

Verisys Team Integration, Customer Collaboration, and The Avengers

Verisys Holds QBR to Foster Collaboration, Celebrate, and Solve Big Challenges in Health Care What do The Avengers have to do with how Verisys operates as a company? More than you might realize. The Avengers are a group of diverse individuals with varying skills who have joined forces for a common goal: to make the…

Louisiana Department of Health Selects Verisys to Manage Provider Credentialing and Enrollment

The Louisiana Department of Health and Verisys Corporation join forces to fulfill a shared commitment to ensure Louisiana Medicaid recipients receive care from fully credentialed and enrolled providers. Verisys Corporation, a Credentials Verification Organization (CVO), is pleased to announce its selection by the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) Bureau of Health Services Financing to deliver…

How Verisys Spots an IT Unicorn

Verisys’ Chief Technology Officer, Chad Fritz, shares his insights on how to spot an IT Unicorn within your organization and how to foster their growth. Have you ever worked with a Developer and thought: they won’t be a Developer for long? Sounds harsh, right? You may think I’m talking about finding and hiring a developer…

How to Navigate Compliance with the CMS Preclusion List

It’s been nearly six months since the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s (CMS) Preclusion List was released. The list was released January 1, 2019 and action required with accompanying fines and penalties began April 1, 2019. The Preclusion List is a database of providers, prescribers and entities precluded from receiving payment for Medicare Advantage items and…

Positive Company Culture Provides the Motivation to do Your Best Work

Positive company culture impacts everything from job satisfaction, to an employee’s loyalty and longevity, to overall company success. Cultivating a positive corporate environment where employees are more productive and feel valued requires ongoing efforts in the following areas: Providing activities that bring the workforce together Perpetuating mutual respect and appreciation for each individual Having a…

Audit-Ready Compliance Through Data Automation and Technology

Sustaining consistent health care compliance is becoming more complex and challenging as the health care industry grows and evolves. THE PROBLEM: Health care employment in the U.S. has reached historical highs, now exceeding that of manufacturing and retail. With an overall 20% growth rate (higher for nurse practitioners and physician assistants) there are currently 2.2…