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The FACIS® health care data set is the gold standard for screening, verifying, and monitoring your population of individuals and entities. FACIS® empowers your organization by providing the most current, accurate and comprehensive health care data coupled with the most intuitive technological tools. It is designed to help you build and sustain a fully compliant workforce. Known industry-wide for its expansive primary sources and data products, FACIS® allows you to see earlier, see more clearly, and see all. This includes information on disciplinary actions ranging from exclusions and debarments to letters of reprimand and probation. Our FACIS® health care data search offers four options, ranging from the minimum federal requirements to a search inclusive of more than 800 sources in 50 states. Choose the level that best fits the needs of your facility:

FACIS® Levels

FACIS® is separated into two levels that allow you to screen employees and vendors against different primary sources for exclusions, debarments, sanctions, and disciplinary actions.

FACIS® Level 1M is the recommended baseline and minimally required compliance search for candidates employed by organizations receiving government funding. It includes: FACIS® Level 1 plus State Medicaid sanctions, 42 HEAT sources and 51 AG Notice and Release sources, and state level procurement/contractor debarment sources.

FACIS® Level 3 is the gold standard of exclusion screening, verification, and monitoring, and includes: All sources in FACIS® 1M  and the sanctioning boards from all 56 U.S. jurisdictions across all provider types. This accesses more than 3,000 sources.

At a minimum, FACIS® Level 1M, satisfies the recommendations set forth by the OIG and CMS by screening employees for federal and state exclusions and debarments. However, many of our clients feel that the best practice is to take a more assertive approach by monitoring employees through FACIS® Level 3. It protects them from the potential negative ramifications of employing individuals or vendors who are sanctioned by a state level licensing board.

Ideal for: Doctors, Nurses, Trained Medical Staff, Students in clinical placement.

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