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5 Key Data Sources Inspected By ProviderCheck

  • Exclusions/Debarments
  • Medicare Enrollment (PECOS)
  • Active Licensure
  • Active DEA Registration and Schedules
  • NPI Data

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Provider Credentialing

  • ProviderCheck® by Verisys is a real-time transaction engine that protects organizations from fines and exposure by issuing a pass/fail for each of five criteria on provider transactions.

ProviderCheck® utilizes a provider’s NPI number to return a Yes/No response for five key data points: Exclusions/Debarments, Medicare Enrollment (PECOS), Active Licensure, Active DEA Registration and Schedules, and NPI Data (NPI type, multiple NPI numbers used, and primary NPI number) for a specified date of service.

Prescription inquiries can be sent individually during the transaction with real-time results to protect your customers as well as eliminate
loss on non-reimbursable prescriptions. ProviderCheck® can also integrate with your claims system to ensure that only valid claims are sent to government payers.

ProviderCheck® integrates with practice management software via an application interface (API) and can also be deployed as a web service for other practice applications or delivered as a system-importable data file.

The Verisys ProviderCheck® technology ensures a provider meets all standards for prescribing by checking their NPI number and state against several primary data sources before transactions are approved.

ProviderCheck® results are split into the following categories: NPI Data, DEA, Exclusion, Medicare and State License.