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600,000 Providers Monitored
$10,000 Fine per Transaction
4,002,661,750 2014 Prescriptions Filled in US
17% Medicare Participants 2015

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ProviderCheck is a versatile, intuitive technology that protects pharmacies from fines and exposure. Its primary function is instant data validation and verification with exclusion status on prescribers, including MDs, PAs, and Veterinarians.

Filling and billing federal health care programs can cost you millions if you are fined for pharmacy items prescribed by excluded or not fully compliant providers. This will occur WHEN, not IF you undergo an OIG audit. Transfer the burden of responsibility to ProviderCheck. Operate in full transparency. Simply send a prescription inquiry in real-time to Verisys and we check the state of the prescriber’s credentials against primary-source data.

FLEXIBILITY: ProviderCheck provides a pass/fail at the time of prescription dispensing. It integrates with pharmacy management software via an application interface. This is deployed as a web service for other pharmacy applications or delivered as a system-importable data file. It can also integrate with your claims system to ensure that only “authorized” claims are sent to the government payors.

COMPREHENSIVE: Not all data is created or treated equally. Verisys is a data specialist with a comprehensive and historical database. It performs ongoing monitoring of more than 600k providers and conducts some 14,500 searches a day from 3,500+ primary sources. Verisys’ licensing verifications processing is 99.5% accurate.

EXPOSURE: Not only do you protect your patients, but you reduce your risk of fines and audits and stay compliant for reimbursement of FHEP prescriptions. Plus, you protect your brand and your impeccable reputation.