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March 13, 2019

Jan Smith Reed understands the drivers that contribute positively to the quality measures equation. Having vast experience in the payer and provider space, she has worked on HEDIS and CAHPs initiatives has a broad swath of expertise with proven results in matrix management and is well established in both commercial and government health plan management to include self-funded, fully insured, managed care, MAPD, PDP and Medicaid.

She says, “Those in the payer space live and die by initiatives, regulations and measures, all geared toward quality, yet what is at the core of the process of improved quality is the quality of the providers that are allowed into each network.”

Technology and data analytics are a large part of every industry, and Jan, Vice President of Payer and Hospital Solutions at Verisys Corporation, brings the idea of gold standard data and leading-edge technology to the health care payer table as the way to improve quality, improve loyalty and reputation while managing costs and outcomes—all factors in the quality measures equation. 

Jan discusses the unmistakable correlation between the quality of providers and quality of outcomes. The first step to assuring high quality providers is by way of thorough screening, verification and continuous monitoring of each provider’s credentials, actions and license status.

She is presenting at the RISE Nashville Summit on March 19th on this very topic and references the e-book, “Closing the 5 Critical Gaps: A Guide to Understanding the Issues and Using Data Technology to Improve Provider Transparency to Protect Patients and Reduce Risk”. It is available to download here.

Jan Smith Reed has dedicated her career to discovering and implementing the best ways to take a holistic view as a best practice to protect the patient while cutting out the fraud, waste and abuse in health care.

Come join the conversation at Jan’s round table discussion during RISE Nashville, Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m.