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Verisys is a key partner for your screening, verifications, monitoring and credentialing functions. As one of the first Credentialing Verification Organizations, Verisys has the experience, technology and data to guide your organization effortlessly through the confusing and ever-robust compliance requirements. Secure your future with Verisys at the helm of your compliance management. We’ll do the heavy lifting while you manage your business with confidence.


FACIS® is the de facto standard for sanction screening, monitoring, verifications and notifications. With the largest and cleanest databases in the industry, FACIS allows you to see current and historic information about individuals and entities that have been reported on OIG lists and thousands of other sources. Once a selected population has been thoroughly screened, it is vital to continuously monitor the population to sustain a fully compliant workforce or vendor base.



A day can make a big difference when screening and license credentialing your staff. That is why after you have screened and credentialed the individuals and entities you care about, a critical last step is to continuously monitor. Verisys monitoring technology allows you to see changes in sanction and license status as close to the publication date as possible. State boards publish minutes and orders at often random intervals, making it challenging to capture the information and take action in a timely way. Verisys constantly scours each state publication to ensure that any change in license status is flagged immediately.

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The EMC Medical Staff implemented background checks on new applicants more than three years ago. We contracted with Verisys in 2014. The FACIS Level 3 database search conducted by Verisys provides a comprehensive search of sanctions, exclusions, disbarments and disciplinary actions on a monthly basis. We enjoy our working relationship with Verisys and the peace of mind that Verisys is conducting searches on a continual basis.

Director, Medical Staff Eisenhower Medical Center

Linda Riggs, CPMSM


Often screening and credentialing is like finding a needle in multiple haystacks. Common names can often produce dozens of possible or probable matches. Determining if your individual or entity is a positive match takes some time and effort by an expert. As a Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) and with a track record of 99.75% accuracy, Verisys has the authority to confirm identities on match results.

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Without a rich compliance program, organizations open themselves up to the risk of reputational damage, financial loss and legal entanglement. Of even more concern is the risk to patient safety when health care providers see patients with revoked licenses or disciplinary actions. As a trusted credentialing partner, Verisys is proactive in finding pending license actions, primary sourcing every search and storing peer referencing.

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