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As the first company to focus full attention an America’s health care system reform through data transparency, Verisys led the charge to gather and aggregate data across all states, jurisdictions, provider types and licensing boards for sanctions, exclusions, debarments and disciplinary actions. This depth of understanding and historical contribution to transparency makes Verisys the leader in data and technology solutions for myriad segments of the health care industry.

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Consumer-driven transparency

The Big movement right now is in accountable care. Accountable care is really all about outcomes. Asking the question: "Am I driving the best possible outcome at the best possible price?" It’s about using health care resources wisely and delivering the proper treatment quickly, efficiently and doing that at the lowest possible cost. We’re all about moving in that direction and part of that involves the consumer where the consumer interacts with health care practitioners and participates in the decision making process in terms making choices of which doctor, clinic or hospital to choose. Now that the patient is a consumer, there is an expectation for information and a need for transparency.

John P. Benson, Co-founder and COO of Verisys Corporation

One of greatest challenges to health care institutions today is credentialing and remaining in compliance with the ever increasing scrutiny by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and other regulatory bodies. In some cases, the medical staff services team struggles for the budget to bring records into the electronic age. Verisys creates solutions through its proprietary data, FACIS® and technology solutions, CheckMedic and ProviderCheck to help organizations fast track to full compliance and enjoy a streamlined credentialing process.

Since 1992, FACIS® has provided to the health care industry a comprehensive and fully verified data set of sanctions, exclusions, debarments and disciplinary actions. This database grows by some 14,500 records daily via more than 3,500 primary sources and is verified with 99.5% accuracy. With CheckMedic, the credentialing tool, organizations can enjoy turn-key compliance through screening, verifications, peer reviews and monitoring.

It only stands to reason to delegate the important task of credentialing and compliance to the company that was founded with a mission of transparency to protect your solvency, your patients and the U.S. health care system against fraud, waste and abuse.


Pharmacies and pharmaceutical providers come in as many shapes, sizes and delivery systems as the growing list of products.

Those entities with the desire and taking every effort to operate in full compliance pay the steep price of those who find the loop holes and use the pharmacological industry as the gateway to massive fraud and abuse.

That is why Verisys diligently works to engineer intelligent and agile technology designed to protect entities from the fines and reputational damage that come from either oversight or intentional fraud by a staff member.

With CheckMedic, powered by FACIS, guaranteeing the verified credentials of every staff member and ProviderCheck to confirm a prescribing provider’s credentials or alert to issues, there is the assurance of compliance and the ability to focus on quality customer care and the bottom line.


Research provides the cures and solutions to the world’s health challenges. But good, solid research can be dis credited and compromised by non-compliance. The hundreds of millions of dollars spent on research and trials can be at risk if any member of the team is not fully screened, verified credentialed and monitored.

Verisys is the only company holding the keys in FACIS® to historical data on all provider types across all licensing boards nationwide on sanctions, exclusions, debarments, and disciplinary actions.

With its complementary suite of data and technology that includes FACIS®, CheckMedic, ProviderCheck and TrueCredTM, Verisys backs its results 100%, giving an unprecedented guarantee and protection from fraud.

Data Resellers

ReferencePro, a Verisys company, is specifically designed and managed to service data resellers and the unique challenges to the screening and verifications industry.

ReferencePro empowers the data reseller by providing the most accurate and comprehensive background screening and reference checking services to inform clients on important hiring decisions.

ReferencePro has access to the best data through established primary sources and provides flawless screening, verifications and monitoring.

Whether a data reseller needs to outsource all of its screening and verifications or only in the event of rush or overflow, Verisys’ ReferencePro delivers a scalable, responsive level of service.

Find Out Why Your Organization Needs Verisys

Verisys’ depth of understanding and historical contribution to transparency in the health care industry is unmatched. You can have full confidence in Verisys to guard your reputation and the well-being of your patients.

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